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Our code of honour

  1. Always be on time!
  2. Make only agreements that you are willing and intend to keep. Keep all agreements. Clean up any broken agreements ASAP.
  3. Take personal responsibility. Admit your mistakes. No laying blame, justification or finger-pointing.
  4. Be willing to “call” and to “be called”.
  5. Celebrate all wins!
  6. Everyone, every space and everything must sell!
  7. Be effective and efficient (Do more with less!)
  8. Be creative. Always seek solutions.
  9. Be respectful with space, others and yourself.
  10. Tell the brutal truth with speed and respect, always deal directly, do not go behind people’s backs with problems.
  11. Think always mission and needs of the team first, never let personal “stuff” get in the way.
  12. Never abandon a teammate in need (ask always help if needed).
  13. Do not do to your mate something that you do not want to be done to yourself